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Payment Policy

 Payment Terms 

Set Your Own Credit Limit
25% Down Payment on all purchases.

At check out, fill in all information, and complete your purchase. Your down payment will be charged to your
bank card and then your order will be processed. The down payments can be broken up into several payments
if needed, however, the merchandise cannot be shipped until the down payment is paid in full.

Payment terms:  
12 monthly payments on orders up to $999
18 monthly payments on orders $1000 to $1999
24 monthly payments on orders $2000 and over 

Down Payment will be processed as soon as your order is received.
Monthly Payments will be automatically processed using your credit / bank card and will be processed on
your payment due date. Monthly payments start appromixately 30 days after your order is shipped.
Minimum monthly payment of $15.00.

100% Guaranteed Approval
No Credit Application
No Credit Check
No Sales Tax
No Shipping Charge On Standard Shipping

If you need special payment arrangements email us at contact@diamondnational.com and leave your
name, phone number and any additional information you would like to leave, and we will contact you within
24hrs (excluding major holidays) to make special arrangements.

Diamond National, Inc. can not be held responsible for any errors in text or price on this website. Prices are
subject to change without notice due to the price of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones changing on
a regular basis. If you place an order and the price changes we will notify you at the time of your order before
we process your down payment. If you wish to cancel your order you may do so at this time. Diamond National
has the right to refuse your order for any reason ( unavailabity of merchandise, pricing errors or changes, down
payment problems, shipping address problems ). If any problems come up Diamond National will contact  you
by e-mail or telephone to solve these problems.